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Our Exceptional Service Stems from

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

We strive for exceptional customer satisfaction. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you are delighted with our services, and we are always here to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Expert Technicians and Quality Products for Superior Results

Our team of expert technicians is dedicated to delivering exceptional results. We use only the highest quality products to ensure your car looks its best and performs optimally.

Convenient and Reliable Service at Your Fingertips

We understand the importance of convenience and reliability. Our services are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, and our team is committed to providing a reliable and efficient service experience.

What Our Client Have to Say?

Grant C

Outstanding service. I had an appointment today to swap my all-season tires/wheels for winter tires/wheels on 2 vehicles. I shared that they were welcome to come early and guess what? They did, which was great. They swapped out the tires on both vehicles in less than an hour and this included filling up the tires to the proper air pressure and torquing the lug nuts to the manufacturer’s specs. Heck, when he saw me stacking the tires in my nearby shed, he even came over and did that for me. It does not get better than this and all for a very reasonable price.



If you’ve not given 5 stars then you’ve never used him. Simply the best there is. We are loyal once a year clients.


Choudhury Al Sayeed

They are excellent! Providing very professional service at reasonable price right at your doorstep.
Earlier this year, it was for a tire-swap. This time i booked them for interior and exterior cleaning for two vehicles ( one small and one mid-suv). Ibrahim did a very thorough job on cleaning and polishing each vehicle in detail. I was very impressed ! Will call them again for next cleaning or tire-swap request.


Luis G

I used Mobile Auto Care for the fist time to change the tires on 2 vehicles. I am very pleased with the service, professionalism, and price. Service was on time fast and with due care for safety.
I mentioned that I didn’t want the tires to seize because it would make it difficult to remove next season, so the technician applied anti-seize lubricant on all 8 tires and told me that it would help for up to 2 years – that is called customer service!
I highly recommend this service.


Service Areas

Our dedicated team covers a wide range of locations, including:

  • Ottawa City: Including Ottawa Central, East End, West End, and South End.
  • Gloucester: Encompassing Orleans, Blackburn Hamlet, and Findlay Creek.
  • Nepean: Serving Barrhaven, Meadowlands, Bayshore, Fisher, Merivale, Centerpointe, and City View.
  • Kanata: Covering Katimavik-Hazeldean, Kanata West, Kanata South, March, and Kanata Lakes.
  • Goulbourn: Including Stittsville and Richmond.
    Osgoode: Providing services to Greely.
  • Rideau: Serving Manotick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the areas does MAC cover?

We serve Ottawa, Kanata, Stitsville, Richmond, Barrhaven, Greely, Manotick, Orleans, Findlay Creek, and Cumberland.

Can MAC work in underground parking lot?

Yes, we can do tire change in underground parking. However it is the Costumer’s responsibility to obtain permission from the building management.

Do I need to provide access to hydro (Electricity)?

No, our technicians provided by all tools and required power.

Do your technicians have the right to refuse installation of unsafe wheels?

Yes, our technicians have the authority to refuse installation of wheels they deem unsafe to ensure the safety of our customers and their vehicles.

How long does the detailing process take?

Detailing process time depends on the selected package, condition, and size of the vehicle. Usually, it lasts between 3 to 5 hours.

Does MAC do auto body or paint correction works?

MAC specializes in other automotive services and does not offer auto body or paint correction works.

Do I need to provide access to water?

Yes, we will need access to water, especially in case of selecting full interior and exterior detailing package.

What happens if I have detailing appointment in rainy, poor weather condition, or very high temperature day?

In case of unforeseen circumstances or inclement weather, the appointment may cancelled and rescheduled to the nearest available time in our schedule.

What is Mobile Auto Care's cancellation policy?

We understand that things come up and sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur. That’s why we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your service.

Cancellations made 1 hour or less before your scheduled appointment time, or if we are unable to perform the service once we arrive, will be charged a $30 fee. This fee is in place to cover travel fees and our employees’ time.

Please make any cancellations in advance (24 hours) of your scheduled appointment time.

Are there any charges for last-minute cancellations?

Yes, cancellations made 1 hour or less before the scheduled appointment time, or if we are unable to perform the service upon arrival, will incur a $30 fee. This fee covers travel expenses and our employees’ time.

How can I pay for my auto service?

You can pay by Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card, MasterCard, or American Express.

Why are winter tires important during the winter season?

Winter tires are essential for maintaining traction and grip on cold, icy, and snowy roads. Their specialized design, with deeper treads and softer rubber compounds, ensures flexibility in freezing temperatures, enhancing vehicle stability and control.

What are the risks of driving with summer or all-season tires in winter conditions?

Using summer or all-season tires in winter significantly increases the risk of accidents due to reduced traction and effectiveness on icy or snowy roads. This compromises safety for drivers and others on the road.

Why is it important to have summer tires for warmer weather conditions?

Summer tires are engineered to perform optimally in hot temperatures, providing enhanced handling, braking, and stability on dry and wet roads during the summer months.

What are the consequences of using winter tires in summer?

Using winter tires in summer can lead to accelerated wear, reduced fuel efficiency, and increased risk of tire-related issues due to their softer rubber compound designed for colder temperatures.

Schedule Your Service and Experience Our Expert Auto Care

At our auto tire change and auto detailing services, we make scheduling a service hassle-free. Simply choose your desired service, select a convenient time slot, and leave the rest to our skilled technicians. During the service, we use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure your car receives the best care possible. Aftercare is equally important to us, and we provide guidance on how to maintain the results of our services.